Data: 24-nov-2022

Luogo: TAVAUX, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, FR

Società: Bureau Veritas

Electrical Supervisor

Reports to: Construction Manager

Area Superintendent


Duration : 1 year

Location: Tavaux


Field safety responsibilities

- Implementing HSE procedures and standards in compliance with applicable laws,

Health and Safety Documentation and Environmental Management Manual.

- Verifying that suppliers work in a safety manner.

- Be diligent in correcting unsafe acts, unsafe behaviours and unsafe conditions.

- Through the Subcontractors field supervisors/foreman to ensure team members are

trained for their duties as per the Project safety requirements and Subcontractors

employees are actively involved in the project safety program.

- Hold regular safety meetings with Subcontractor discipline supervisors.

- Make sure that work permits are obtained before start any related activity and to

ensure compliance to permit conditions.

- Conduct evaluations of works scope, area condition and specific equipment

inspections prior starting field activities and to ensure that hazards and abatement

measures are communicated to Subcontractor field supervisors.

- Make sure Subcontractors observe project safety policies and procedures and oblige

them to eliminate any dangerous situation or any non-compliant equipment/tool.

- Be diligent in reporting to the appropriate level of Construction Supervision and to

Subcontractor management all unsafe acts, unsafe behaviours and unsafe conditions.

- Being responsible for the highest standards in housekeeping for assigned area, to

make safety walks minimum once a day to verify the area housekeeping and to

promptly inform Safety Superintendent/supervisor about unsafe work procedures.

- Participate in area safety assessment.

- Participate in Subcontractor toolbox sessions and monitor crew attendance.

- Assist in incident investigations.

Common Field job responsibilities

- Maintain close liaison with other discipline supervisors working in the area in order

to coordinate all classes or work in the area;

- Make sure that materials used are in accordance with project technical documents

and applicable codes and specifications.

- Check the efficient productivity of Subcontractors labour with regards to the quality

and quantity (jointly with project control).

- Monitor Subcontractor execution of the work in order to maintain the program.

- Assure that all works are carried out on schedule, otherwise check deficiency and

refer to Construction Manager, in order to promptly define and implement corrective

actions that permit to comply with the schedule.

- Verify and discuss with Construction Manager and Field Project Engineer eventual

modification or any difference raised on the activity relevant to previous and

following points and cooperate with them to issue Sketches Layout (SKL) for the

relevant modification, when works must be executed in different way as indicated

on drawings.(If cost or schedule impacts arise, it is mandatory to get approval from

Construction Manager).

- Record any modification after approval and in cooperation with Construction

Manager inform the Subcontract Administrator if involving contractual changing.

- Prepare and fill the Request of Work Execution (R.W.E.) form for any extra work

out of contract or for modification, for further approval by other functions, before

the execution of the work itself, as per procedure by Subcontracting Department.

- Make sure Subcontractors observe safety procedures and job site activity regulations

and oblige them to eliminate any dangerous situation. Make safety walks minimum

once a day to keep Safety Superintendent informed about unsafe work procedures.

- Make sure that "Work Permits" are obtained before start any work when required.

- Check that Subcontractor is working on the base of last edition of all drawings and

other technical documents (jointly with QA/QC leader).

- Check by the "Manpower presence report" the quantity of Subcontractor's manpower

present in site (jointly with Subcontracting Manager).

- Check, sign and collect all Subcontractor Time Sheets when the work is reimbursed

on hourly basis.

- Prepare/check Subcontractor's monthly/weekly progress of work and transmit

relevant data to Project Control.

- Check the execution of the works, which must be in accordance with technical

documentation, CLIENT & Subcontractor Quality Plan, work progress, applicable

codes and rules, authorizing consequently the activity of accounting for the installed

quantities. Take action to correct any deficiency.

- Fill the daily log record book.

- Ensure in advance that no hold up of Subcontractor work can occur due to lack of

needed engineering documents and materials, or work area accessibility. This to

avoid Subcontractor claims (jointly with Project Control and Field Engineer).

- Provide/Check for accounting.

- Prepare, issue to Subcontractor, and file Construction and Final Punch Lists, and

follow up the completion of relevant outstanding works.

- Organize his work-file according to procedure WI-CON 313 and, in case of

substitution, inform the new supervisor about the works state of the art and transfer

him the work-file.

Field job responsibilities

- Check in advance, in cooperation with Field Material Controller, if the material to

be used for the erection of planned works is available and report to Area

Superintendent/Construction Manager any deficiency and the information on the

approximate arriving date of material.

- Assist the Field Material Controller, if required, for the unloading of electrical

equipment and checking of parts that arrive disassembled on site.

- Check that all electrical materials are protected, when required, in accordance with

Vendor's instructions and / or CLIENT specifications during warehousing and/or

erection period.

- Check and approve the material request prepared by Subcontractor. In particular the

checking consists to verify if materials required are correct in quantity and quality

for work planned by CLIENT, and in accordance with drawing and specifications.

Subcontractor shall have certain backlog to continue work without interruptions.

- Check all equipment after completion of erection and execute all insulation tests and

all calibration necessary to prepare the equipment ready for operation.

- The Electrical Supervisor checks electrical motor run in.

- Call Client Construction Manager Electrical Specialist for witnessing of completed

work check out.

- Keep close contact to Client Construction Manager to assure correct execution of

interface activities.




Additional Safety requirements

To enter the plant of Tavaux, the Client Solvay requests the following training


- Niveau 1 France Chimie - Formation à la sécurité des personnels des entreprises

extérieures intervenant sur sites chimiques et industriels (following France-

Chimie DT40 framework) : 1 day of training

Note: B-VCA training certificate is considered equivalent to the Niveau 1


For all construction staff dedicated to Permit To Work Management and Supervision

the following trainings are requested:

- Niveau 2 France Chimie - Formation à la sécurité des personnels des entreprises

extérieures intervenant sur sites chimiques et industriels (following France-

Chimie DT40 framework) : 2 days of training

- Niveau 1 France Chimie - Formation à la sécurité des personnels des entreprises

extérieures intervenant sur sites chimiques et industriels (following France-

Chimie DT40 framework) : 1 day of training

Note: VOL-VCA training certificate is considered equivalent to the Niveau 1

and Niveau 2 trainings.


3.3 Language

Language of the Project is English. However knowledge of French language is required.