Data: 20-giu-2022


Società: Bureau Veritas





The EHS manager (hereinafter with the acronym EHSM) hierarchically depends from the Site Manager and functionally depends from the EHS Headquarter coordinator,


EHSM supporting the Site Manager in the operating management of all environmental and safety activities on site.


EHSM is responsible towards the Site Manager and shall assure that all  personnel and subcontractors involved in the project fully comply with pertaining Italian, international and local laws, EHS Management System and with any Project Client request related to EHS.


EHSM supports the Site Manager (who shall guarantee what is mentioned below) in the carrying out of the following:


EHSM Identifies, supported by the EHS Unit, according to what is said above, all direct and indirect environmental aspects and risks for workers’ safety, health and hygiene, which are


connected to activities of the specific site and including those connected to subcontractors’ activities. This activity will be also formalized by filling in the environmental analysis datasheet provided in the company computer system and through the critical analysis and the improvement of EHS Plan and of applicable instructions, procedures and checklists. The analysis and identification of environmental, safety and protective matters is periodically revised and, when required, updated;


EHSM Verifies the appointment training and availability of suitable means supporting the First aid appointed persons and Emergency and Evacuation and Fire-prevention appointed persons, where provided, if necessary could be appointed for the role;


EHSM Verifies the suitability of local sanitary services (first aid kit, first aid appointed persons, infirmary and site medical services and medicine availability, ambulances, hospitals and clinics on special agreement, medical and first aid facilities) to face site needs and emergencies;


EHSM Implements occupational physician directives as regards modes defined to guarantee the sanitary assistance to the site personnel;


EHSM Implements all reports and registrations requested  as: Environmental and safety performance indicators, daily/weekly/monthly inspections report; near misses and incidents report, waste register, others non specified if necessary; verify these applicable activities at  subcontractors


EHSM Carries out all the required activities to comply with prescriptions deriving from specific authorizations (for emissions, waste and discharges) and collects the required induction and documentations to carry out the authorization procedure, if any;


EHSM Verifies the technical-professional suitability of subcontractors according  procedure and the availability of the contractually provided documentation (with reference to company standards, subcontracts and to Client’s and/or site owner standards) to workers’ access to site.


EHSM Monitors that all  personnel and subcontractors comply with  EHS Plan and Client EHS requirements.


EHSM Verifies the respect of requirements in regards induction and training about on site workers’ safety and environment matters and carries out, if required, specific audit to verify knowledge;


EHSM Guarantees the necessary induction to visitors and cleaning and service (telephone, etc.) companies;


EHSM Supports the client in arranging escape, evacuation, emergency management and significant sanitary intervention tests;


EHSM Supports the functions responsible for the correct management of any site authorization and permit and relations with the competent authorities;


EHSM Supervises activities connected to environment, health and safety matters;


EHSM Improves the awareness of site workers and contractors as regards the applicable environmental and safety prescriptions;


EHSM Plans, actuates, controls and examines, as regards his competence and as stated AE procedure, provisions of the company EHS Management System.


EHSM can instruct form and inform all personnel and subcontractors regarding EHS matters.


EHSM, if the level of health and safety risk in workplaces is unacceptable, shall give instructions to Site Manager for immediately stop works and/or actuate any necessary adjustments to restore safety and environment conditions on site