Data: 19-giu-2022

Luogo: PRESENZANO, Milano, IT

Società: Bureau Veritas






Commissioning of electrical systems (HV,MV,LV) during COLD and HOT commissioning phases, starting from temporary power supply at the beginning of commissioning site activities up to acceleration tests, electrical and synchro tests, loading to base load and PAC. The commissioning will be performed in coordination with other specialist (GT/ST lead eng., EXC/SSD specialist, generator commissioning eng., etc..) and third party vendor (Electrical protections), and in cooperation with assistants.

Previous consolidated commissioning experience on electrical systems (HV,MV,LV) and knowledge on electrical protections and interlocks.


Main needed skills and competencies

• Good understanding and experience in COLD and HOT commissioning of electrical systems.
• Good skills to startup HV/MV/LV electrical systems, including the temporary power up phase and managing the internal loop check (bar to bar, or diffferent voltage bar, power supply, diesel generator emergency interlocks, etc...) or external loop check  phase with others systems (GT/ST control systems, EXC, SSD, etc...) and electrical part, in accordance with safety rules.
• Good knowledge of HV/MV/LV electrical systems interlocks and protections and able to carry out a functional test or a trip test by proper simulation or during real on line test
• Good understanding and skills for analysis and troubleshooting.
• Good attitude to report technical information/feedback to headquarter , to fill specified documentation, and to give proper input or to propose direct solution for logic modifications and corrective actions during commissioning or operation phases.
• Deep knowledge and familiarity with permit to work process and safe working procedure. 
• Good attitude and ability to give support (also by remote) and instructions for junior specialist