Operation Support Assistant

日期: 2024年7月5日

地点: 广州, 广东, CN

公司名: Bureau Veritas

The key roles and responsibilities will be as follows:


  1. 执行业务活动(如日程安排,报告,合同设置和付款问题等)。
  2. 跟进纠正/预防措施,归档文件和记录
  3. 对审核人员提供行政支持和报告及记录文件
  4. 做好项目建议书和合同的归档工作,确保整个项目文件的完成
  5. 处理客户投诉并与内部部门沟通
  6. 收集收入和分析项目成本并及时汇报
  7. 维护系统以确保数据的准确性和更新
  8. 执行日常活动,根据管理体系要求(包括质量、安全、ISO17020等)确保绩效管理系统排列。
  9. 配合上级完成相关的其他工作


  1. Implement the operational activities (such as scheduling, reporting, contract set-up and payment issues etc.) for the BU activities.
  2. Follow up corrective/preventive actions and archive documents and records
  3. Provide ADM support to the operation staffs and make documentation for the reports & records
  4. Keep filing of Proposals & Contracts and make sure of the completion of entire project file
  5. Deal with customer complaint and communicate with internal department
  6. Collect income & sub cost and report timely
  7. Maintain system to make sure of data accuracy and keep them updated
  8. Execute daily activities according to requirements of management systems (inc. Quality, HSE, ISO17020 etc.) ensure the performance aligned with management system.
  9. Other tasks assigned by the company

Experience (years and nature)

  1. 大专或本科以上学历,行政管理等相关专业为佳
  2. 1年以上支持类岗位工作经验或优秀应届生
  3. 良好的沟通及协调能力
  4. 良好的英语看读写能力
  5. PC(如微软和Siebel系统)技能
  6. 身体健康


  1. Education: College degree or equivalent level
  2. Working experience: around 1years’ experience in supporting function or excellent fresh graduate
  3. Communication skills
  4. English skills and good local language skills
  5. PC (such as Microsoft or Siebel system) skills
  6. Good health is required