Energy&Carbon Senior Consultant 能源和碳高级顾问,成都

日期: 2024年7月17日

地点: 重庆, 重庆, CN

公司名: Bureau Veritas

Job Responsibilities:
• Provide overall energy and carbon solutions to customers, understand、assess, capture, and lead customer's needs in energy and carbon issues.
• Prepare energy and carbon specific solutions creatively for customer based on BV's 3rd party position, offerings, and capabilities.
• Deliver energy and carbon projects with local teams and provide high-quality and efficient energy and carbon projects, including training, consultation, verification, etc;
• As offering owner, set up and keep high quality framework including offering documents, procedures, templates etc.
• As offering owner, give full support to frond-end colleagues and other team members
• Develop opportunities and sales leads through personal networking or in project delivery with market sense.
• Execute daily activities according to requirements of management systems (inc. Quality, HSE, ISO17020 etc.), ensure the performance aligned with management system.
• Finish other tasks assigned by the company.

• 向客户提供能源和碳总体解决方案,了解、评估、捕获并引导客户在能源和碳问题上的需求;

• 根据BV的第三方地位、产品和能力,创造性地为客户准备能源和碳专用解决方案;

• 与当地团队一起交付能源和碳项目,提供高质量、高效率的能源和碳项目,包括培训、咨询、验证等;

• 作为产品所有者,建立并保持高质量的框架,包括产品文档、程序、模板等;

• 作为产品所有者,全力支持前端同事和其他团队成员;

• 通过个人网络开发机会和销售线索,并在项目交付过程中捕捉并挖掘销售线索;

• 随时了解相关领域的变化以及规范和条例的发展,根据管理体系(包括质量、HSE、ISO17020等)的要求执行日常活动,确保绩效与管理体系一致;

• 完成公司分配的其他任务


Job Requirement

• Bachelor degree or above,perfer in Environmental or Energy majors, with solid technical and consulting background.

• 8+ years relevant working experience and at least 4 years in proposal or total solution providing

• Working experience in consulting firm or 3rd party company is a plus.

• Good in logic thinking and a quick learner, be creative and eager to learn new things.

• Good English skills in both reading and speaking, can prepare English proposals and reports independently.

• Well know energy and carbon related standards such as Energy Audit Principles, ISO 14064, 14067, 14044 etc.

• Well know main energy and carbon programs and schemes such as EPC, EPD, ESG etc.

• Energy and Carbon related titles or certificates are good plus.

• 硕士以上学历,环境或能源专业优先,具有扎实的技术和咨询背景

• 具有8年以上相关工作经验,至少4年提案或总体解决方案提供经验,有咨询公司或第三方公司工作经验者优先

• 善于逻辑思维,学习能力强,有创造力,乐于学习新事物

• 良好的英语听说读写能力,能独立准备英文提案和报告

• 熟悉能源和碳相关标准,如能源审计原则、ISO 14064、14067、14044等

• 熟悉主要能源和碳计划和方案,如EPC、EPD、ESG等

• 能源和碳相关职称或证书优先